Who Says Kitchen Tools Have to Be Boring?

When form meets function, the lines are clean and the purpose is straight forward, your kitchen accessories will be anything but boring. High end kitchens deserve high end modern kitchen tools. Pick a single piece or two. Grace your counters with any of these contemporary delights and you can't go wrong. Kitchen tools can turn absolute art form in combinations of rich woods and polished metals.

Outrageous Coffee Accoutrements

If you purchase nothing else for your high-end kitchen design, you've got to find the "perfect" coffee brewing vessel. The ultra-modern items available for those of us with a caffeine addiction are next to spectacular.

Although the prices aren't for the faint of heart, you'll be delighted with the assortment of kitchen tools in the High Design Kitchen Tools Ideabook at Houzz. My personal favorite is The Clive Stand. For $195, you can have a coffee dripper and decanter stand handmade from solid Oregon black walnut woods. Yes, it's expensive – but, I'd save my pennies for this one without reservation.

Stainless Steel

A more plentiful and inexpensive option for high style kitchen accessories can be sought out at local home good and department stores. Look for modern designed stainless steel tea pots. You can score well for as low as $29, but the prices will go up from there. It's the perfect low-cost start for a high-end kitchen collection.

Rich Woods

Low luster or rubbed-oil finishes on solid wood kitchen frills bring in warmth like no other material. Try displaying a fancy salad serving set or find a wine rack to house your private collection. Crate and Barrel is a wonderful outlet for kitchen tools that please in rich wood finishes.

Sleek and Funky Kitchen Tools

Half the fun of dressing your kitchen with cool tools is the hunt. It never ceases to amaze me what I find when I start surfing the web for new items. My new favorite is the Nuance Rolling Pin by Marcus Vagnby; made in Denmark of solid beech wood and stainless steel. The simple, contemporary design just captivates me.

So, who says kitchen tools have to be boring? Set your mind to seeking out bold, new contemporary designs for your home cooking center that have both function and high end style. With a few well-placed items, you can set a stylish tone in your space with combinations of rich woods and polish metals that delight the senses.

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