Top 10 Tools I Need in My Kitchen for Baking

Baking is an enjoyable pastime of mine, one that I am passionate about. I am picky about my kitchen tools, and there are some things that I just cannot do without, and will not skimp on. If I have these things, I feel that my kitchen has all the essentials for baking.

Stand mixer

I'm picky, I admit it. I must have a KitchenAid stand mixer. I love to make banana bread, and the mixture gets very thick. I burned up the motors in several hand mixers, and one other stand mixer, before I finally forked over the money to buy the best. I have had my KitchenAid mixer for 20 years now, and it is still going strong.

Baking stones

Cookies baked on stones come out moister, and without excess darkening on the bottoms. It is easier to keep your cookies soft, and chewy. I prefer Pampered Chef baking stones.

Aluminum mixing bowls

I received a set of 4 mixing bowls as a gift and I have liked them since. They are easily cared for, and stackable to take up less room. Various sizes are convenient for keeping ingredients separate.

Double boiler

A double boiler makes melting chocolate for candies and fudge much easier.


Several of my recipes call for weight measurements. My scale has come in very useful to me.

Rubber Spatula

A must have for mixing, and a heat resistant one is useful for melting chocolate.

Measuring Spoon

A measuring spoon with a slide that adjusts for different amounts is handy. This saves me from searching through drawers for the correct size.

Recipe files, or cook book

I have both, and keep them handy while I am baking.

Cooling racks

Good quality cooling racks are important. They need to be sturdy, and raised at least an inch off of the surface. I prefer cooling racks that can be stacked to take up less room when they are full.

Food Processor

This might seem like an odd kitchen tool for baking, but I use it to process coconut to make smaller bits for in cookies and candies.