Small Bathroom Design: Maximizing the Space Through Bathroom Layout

A small bathroom does not have to limit the function of the room, or style of the homeowner. There are many ways to increase the visual space and feel of a small bath.

Bathrooms today are becoming more multi-functional than ever before. Performance shower systems, whirlpool tubs, large vanities with his and hers sinks, are just a few of the things that bathrooms are being equipped with. So for homes that have small bathrooms, or powder rooms that get a lot of use, it’s essential to make every inch of space count, while visually enlarging the room. Some small bathroom ideas can make large changes.

Take Advantage of Unused Space

Many tight bathrooms may have additional space that is going both unseen and unused. If the bathroom layout can be changed without too much expense, consider using the corners of the room. Neo-Angle showers take up less wall space than rectangular showers do, and toilets moved into corners have the added benefit of freeing up additional wall space for a larger sink or vanity. Eljer makes toilets which fit into corners and compliment a wide variety of bathroom styles.

If there is no room for a vanity in the bathroom, consider using the wall above the toilet for an over-the-john cabinet. This will provide extra storage without taking up extra space.

Niches can also be sunk into the walls of the room to add additional depth and counter space, if shelving is out of the question.

Visually Open the Space with Tile Design

There are two ways in which tile can help visually open up the room. The first is with the flooring.

Consider using larger tiles in a small space. The larger the tile, the less grout lines, which creates a more seamless look. Laying the tile on a diagonal can also open up the space by drawing the eye out to the corners of the room, visually widening it.

The second way to use tile to open up a small bathroom, is to use the same material on the floor and walls of the room. Different sizes of tile can be used, provided that they are the same material and color. This way, the eye doesn’t stop at the edge of the room, but instead continues up the wall. This helps to visually enlarge the room.

Consider the Color Scheme

Paying attention to the colors in the bathroom can have a big impact on how small a room feels. Warm colors, such as reds, golds, oranges and yellows, contract visually, making a space seem smaller. This is why we think of these colors as cozy. Cool colors, however, such as blue, green, gray and white, recede from the eye, thereby making a space look larger. Try to avoid using creams, biscuits and warm tones in favor of white porcelains and cool tones.

Remember that the bathroom should be functional above all else, and try to avoid filling it with unnecessary objects that will clutter up the space and make a small bathroom seem smaller. Enlarging the bathroom layout may not be possible; visually enhancing what is already there will go a long way to making the space more comfortable and appealing.