Shower Filters

Shower filters provide great protection against chemicals and harsh elements that come through the plumbing lines in a structure. You may see just water coming from the shower head, but, in fact, there is chlorine in the water that is harmful to skin and hair. Keep in mind that all municipal water has been treated with chlorine and has been subjected to processes that supposedly make it "safe."

Shower filters remove chlorine, but they also take care of dirt and odors. In hard water areas, specks of sand, or rock, come through the water lines. Anyone who has water filter faucets or traps on their faucets has to clean out the miniscule particles every once in a while. If not, they would eventually clog the filters. Filters for your shower do have to have their filters replaced approximately every six months.

Shower Filters Leave Water Cleaner

Everyone wants pure, clean water to drink, but perhaps they don't think as much about the benefits of good water for their body–and their shower. Shampoo gets out the oil from your hair, but if it is applied with water that contains chlorine and dirt, its purpose is defeated. Clean water and a good shampoo work together to help you attain healthy hair.

Some people are especially sensitive to chemicals and foreign matter on their skin. Skin has pores that let it "breathe." Like hair, skin needs to be free of anything that gums it up or prevents it from staying clean. Shower filters protect the water lines in your shower from getting blocked with foreign materials, and protect your hair and body by helping cleanse them through water purification filters.