Shower Door

If you're trying to pick a shower door for your bathroom you could be feeling a little overwhelmed by choice. There are an amazing number of different shower doors on offer. Writing a list of your requirements could make the choice much easier. First of all, is a door really necessary? Or would a simple shower curtain suit your needs? Then, if you do want a door, should it be just that or a complete shower enclosure?

Then you'll need to answer some style questions. Do you want contemporary, or traditional? What shape do you need? What color frame do you want? Or do you prefer frameless? These are just some of the choices you'll need to make before you purchase your shower door. Other questions might be do you want an integral towel rail as part of your door? If you do, remember that this shouldn't also be used as a grab rail. Doing this could pose a serious danger.

Shower Door Options

Your options as far as the operation of a shower door are sliding, swinging or bifold, which is a combination of the two. Bear in mind that sliding doors will need track. Not only can a lower track be unsightly, but it can also be a dirt trap and difficult to clean in a shower. If space is limited, bifold will probably be your best solution.

Actually there are a number of ways of dealing with a shower door in a tight space. Investigate curved doors if you're having serious problems because they can operate in amazingly tight corners. Remember that accurate measurement is essential if you're not to be faced with expensive mistakes.