Shower Curtains

The centerpiece of any bathroom is the shower curtain. The curtain sets the mood for the room, no matter how tiny it may be, and it can go a long way toward improving appearances. Whether you like to linger in the bath or hurry through as you start your day, you will want to create an attractive environment that puts you at ease.

In an ideal world, the bathroom would be a safe haven from life's storms. We could lounge in luxurious bubble baths, pampering ourselves with music and much needed solitude. What a welcome respite this would be! In the real world, these moments are few and far between and somehow, never quite as we envisioned them. Instead, we race furiously through the bathroom at break neck speed, trying to get everyone bathed and out the door as quickly as possible.

Extreme Makeover

The least you can do is make the room as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Although there are countless measures you can take to spruce up a bathroom, nothing goes as far as a good shower curtain. The right curtain can brighten a room and instantly soothe the senses. It can hide unsightly tile work or (gasp!) a less than clean tub. In short, it can do a lot to compensate for the room's shortcomings.

A new shower curtain makes for one of the quickest and most dramatic redecorations available. Better still, it is among the more affordable options short of that spa tub you've been eyeing. With an array of options in every conceivable fabric and style, it is easy to create a welcoming, comforting atmosphere in which you'll want to linger.