Shower Chairs

Shower chairs can help patients both at home or in the hospital to bathe in comfort. These chairs are also known as bath seats, as they can fit in the tub or in a stand-up shower easily. Some shower seats have wheels that allow patients to be transported between the bed and the bathroom for bathing with relative ease.

You can purchase shower chairs that have built-in arms, which can help the user get into a sitting position or a standing position without as much effort. Non-skid rubber tips are a safety feature that keep the chair in place, so that the user does not slip and fall in the tub or shower. Additionally, some bath chairs have backs that provide even more support to users who are not able to support themselves upright for long periods of time.

Shower chairs with wheels come with rear wheel locks for security, so the user can have greater mobility in and out of the shower without the worry of slipping. Shower seats should be lightweight, so they do not cause the user to exert too much energy when trying to move them in or out of the tub or shower. The weight capacity for most shower seats is 250 pounds, unless otherwise noted by the manufacturer.

Shower Chairs for Easy Bathing

Whether you are taking care of a loved one who is ill or recovering from surgery, or you are the patient yourself, shower seats can make it much easier to bathe with more independence. You can browse through a wide selection of shower seats on the Internet, and compare prices and styles from the convenience of home. The chances are good that you will get a great deal when you order through online retailers that sell medical products at discounted or wholesale prices.