Show Off Bathroom Design with Frameless Shower: Custom Shower Doors

A glass shower door can help to visually enlarge a bathroom. Using a frameless shower door enhances this effect.

Shower doors have been used for years as an alternative to mildew and splash prone shower curtains. Today’s new technologies help shower doors to be more visually attractive, and easier to clean than ever before.

Benefits to Using Shower Doors

There are several benefits to using a shower door. New, extremely clear glass can help to visually enlarge small bathrooms, let additional light in and allow shower tile designs to be viewed from elsewhere in the room.

Designing a shower with two or more walls of glass, using a knee wall if the shower abuts a tub, toilet or vanity, creates the appearance that the shower is larger and therefore the room is more open. This allows borders to travel throughout the room, enhancing design and creating an airy atmosphere.

By sealing off the shower from the rest of the room, the shower door allows for the use of performance showers, which may otherwise spray water into the rest of the room. Steam showers can be created by placing a transom at the top of the shower, trapping and releasing steam as needed.

Designing With Custom Shower Doors

By utilizing a custom shower door, homeowners are given new opportunities for bathroom design. Small bathrooms can take advantage of corners, using a neo angle shower door to create a larger shower with less of a foot print. By building a knee wall, it becomes possible to open up showers more completely while still including basic design elements of the bathroom.

For example, an enclosed shower placed next to a vanity can be opened up by using a frameless shower door, and building a knee wall to just above the vanity height. This gives the vanity a wall to move into, creates a shelf inside the shower for placing bottles and soaps on, and allows for a more open design to the bathroom. Running a border just below the knee wall, around the rest of the shower and on the backsplash of the vanity ties the look together and cements the bathroom design.

A spa style bathroom can be created by abutting a shower to an undermount bathtub, and creating separate bathing areas. Once again, borders can be run at the same height around both, tying the look together.

Use a frameless sliding shower door or French doors above a tub in a children’s bathroom to show off shower tile designs. Include towel rails on the doors for extra storage, and be sure to use extra clear glass to create the most open appearance possible.

Shower Door Cleaning and Care

To help cut down on cleaning of shower doors, and repel water spots, consider using Diamon Fusion. Diamon Fusion is protective coating for glass that improves and protects the surface. It results in less frequent cleanings, reduction in mold and mildew and makes a shower door scratch and impact resistant and therefore safer.

Any custom shower door can have Diamon Fusion applied at the factory. This process has been tested and utilized for more than 20 years, making it a worthwhile investment for any bathroom design. A door treated with this technology will have water bead straight up off of it, making it easier to clean. Additional care for shower doors can include using a squeegee after every shower to help dry the glass, and regular cleanings with a glass cleaner.

Shower doors can be added to a bathroom design at any stage or time, making them a wonderful way to either finish or update a bathroom. Be sure to talk to a custom shower door retailer to be sure that the door is installed properly. Shower doors are templated on site, once all tiling has been completed and are typically ready for installation 4 – 6 weeks after this time. Visit a shower door retailer to see the new options available and enhance the bathroom design and shower experience.