Recipe Parties Spice-Up Your Kitchen

No matter the occasion or season, in every home gathering there's always a crowd in the kitchen. Something about this hearth of the home calls to each and every one of us. So instead of planning food for a party, plan a party for your food. Hosting a recipe party is the perfect way to spice-up your kitchen and keep your family and friends delighted with new savories and sweets.

Keeping a Theme:

The most important key to a successful recipe party is theme guidelines for your guests. Planning ahead for upcoming events around your party date can provide fun décor for your guest. If a big sporting event is around the corner, host a party featuring appetizer recipes to munch while cheering on the game. As the weather is pushing everyone indoors from the cold, host a party featuring casserole or soup swaps. When the holidays bring out everyone's sweet tooth, plan a cookie swap. Successful themes helps focus your guests' participation, and never put anyone out of place for bringing chip-dip while everyone else brought entrées.

Invitations Are Everything:

Invitations through websites like are incredibly helpful for guest participation. For recipe parties, ask guests to RSVP both with how many are attending and the recipe they'll bring. This will help your guest prevent duplication in recipes and provide a headcount for how much food they'll need to bring. For small-bite parties, like appetizers or cookies, request four servings a person: two for during the party and two to take home. For large dishes like casseroles or soup swaps, perhaps ask for a small batch everyone can sample and a larger family size to be raffled away in a fun game. Never forget to ask for printed cards of their recipe to pass out, or request to be emailed ahead of time and hand out recipe books as party favors.

Provide Goody Boxes:

As a host, it's easy and fairly inexpensive to provide take-out containers from your local craft store. For example, decorate your own Chinese take-out containers for entrée parties. Or pastry boxes can be purchased for just a dollar a piece for dessert parties. If your craft store is out, ask the manager at a local bakery or restaurant. This added detail can personalize the theme of your party, and put your guests at ease to enjoy their goodies at home.