Nature's Source Bathroom Cleaner

I have a daughter who has asthma, so I have to be very careful about the cleaning products I bring into my home. Needless to say getting the bathrooms clean in the house has been quite a challenge. Using the standard bathroom cleaning products would cause my daughter to wheeze, and she would have to use her inhaler more often than normal. Fortunately we have two bathrooms. The only way around it that would allow me to get the bathroom clean was to clean one, then wait a few days and clean the other

Recently I discovered Nature's Source Bathroom Cleaner. It is made by S.C. Johnson, a name that I have learned over the years to trust. They have always made excellent products, and now they are making products that do not use the harsh chemicals that cause my daughter so much distress.

The Nature's Source Bathroom Cleaner uses natural palm/coconut oils, and lactic acid (a substance formed by the breakdown of natural sugars in vegetables and milk) to help clean the bathroom. These ingredients are added to purified water.

The natural ingredients in Nature's Source Bathroom Cleaner are powerful enough to clean every surface in the bathroom. I decided to put them to the test as my daughter tends to drip toothpaste in the sink, which is difficult to get out. I sprayed on the Nature's Source Bathroom Cleaner and left it for a few minutes and it loosened the toothpaste to where I could easily wipe it away with a sponge.

The Nature's Source Bathroom Cleaner works well on chrome fixtures such as the sink and shower faucets, spray it on and it gives a bright clean shine.

Nature's Source Bathroom Cleaner works very well on vinyl shower curtains. From the inside of the shower, I just spray in on to the curtain, and then use the shower to rinse it off. I can use it directly on soap scum in the shower, and bathtub. If you have kids, you know that they leave rings in the bathtub, and never remember to wipe down the shower.

I used the Nature's Source Bathroom Cleaner on both of these problem area, and found that all I had to do was to wait just a few minutes, and either spray or wipe to get a clean shine.

Nature's Source Bathroom Cleaner also has a fresh citrus fragrance that tells you that your bathroom is nice and sparkling clean.

Now I can get the bathrooms both clean, and not have to worry about my daughter getting a reaction to the chemicals, with Nature's Source Bathroom Cleaner. Even the bottle is recyclable, and the product itself is completely biodegradable.