Kitchen Cookbook Silhouettes

Printout of recipe
Picture frame
Silhouette printout

Unless someone is investing in a valuable art piece I never really understand purchasing art. Anyone can make beautiful art for a living room, bedroom, or other room in the house. From string art, to coffee filter art, to spatter art, a person can quickly make artwork that looks like it was done by a professional. And one of the easiest art pieces that can be made is a picture – or a set of them – for the kitchen. Cookbook silhouettes are very inexpensive but super nice. You'll make one, fall in love, and make some more.

When you print out a recipe and frame it you create the backdrop for the chosen silhouette. The recipe can be one printed from the internet or one of your own. Print the recipe in color or not. Do a simplistic but elegant, black and white version, or make a colored print with a colored background.

Choose a frame for the kitchen silhouette art piece. Remove the backing and everything except the glass. If possible, use the existing cardboard in the frame to mount the recipe. If not, cut a new piece of cardboard or card stock and glue or tape the recipe to it.

Print a silhouette out and mount it on top of the recipe. Some silhouette images that you could print include pots or pans, spatulas or other implements, chairs and a table, a dish soap dispenser, a scrub brush, or another. Print the image on black paper so that the shape is nearly the length and width of the recipe, but a bit smaller. Cut out the silhouette and tape or glue it over the top of the recipe. Center it before affixing it for good.

Put the picture back in the frame and hang it anywhere in your kitchen. Like it? Make another – or a group of them. Some group categories include pots and pants, assorted implements, food box and/or can shapes, or soaps and scrubbers.

The recipe and silhouette picture doesn't absolutely have to be for the kitchen. Frame a book page to make a silhouette for another room. Frame a nursery rhyme page with a baby buggy silhouette over it, frame a novel page and draw a pair of glasses on with a marker and a stencil, or create your own arrangement. You'll love the project for any room of the house.