Kids Bathroom Décor Tips: Decorating Ideas for a Child’s Bathroom

Kids bathroom décor must be in keeping with their tastes and preferences. Here are some simple bathroom decorating ideas to liven up a child's bathroom easily.

Cajoling a child to take a bath becomes much easier when the bath décor is in keeping with a child’s liking. Whether a bathroom is done up in a Superman theme or a Barbie-doll one, the idea is to appeal to tiny yet definite aesthetic sensibilities. Here are some ideas to help decorate and remodel this important room to create a safe and beautiful bathing space for a child.

Remodeling the Bathroom

Remodeling the bathroom, needn’t always be a demanding and time-consuming jobs. Adding a few colorful but useful storage systems, decorative towel racks, interesting behind-the-door hooks and probably, flooring that will appeal to a child will do the trick. If possible, decide on a theme that can be easily worked into the existing bathroom since a child’s tastes are quite fickle and will change quickly.

Bathroom Wall Décor

Walls in the bathing area can be decorated with stickers, decorative tiles, wallpaper and waterproof pictures. Following a decorative theme can make this task much easier. For instance, using Barbie as a theme will mean Barbie doll waterproof pictures on the wall, pink and white colored walls or Barbie wallpaper, with silver trimmings and silver and pink wall and ceiling stickers in the shape of tiaras, wands and ball gowns.

Using Kids Bathroom Accessories

Accessories can infuse life and character and are easy to weave into any room. Kids bathroom accessories are available in a wide variety and extend from soap dispensers and toothbrush holders to towels and storage systems. Bath toys can also be used to liven up the bathing experience, especially for younger children. Depending on the budget for bathroom remodeling and redecorating, buy a few of these accessories to create a functional yet beautiful space to splash about and have fun.

Ensuring Bath Safety

Bath safety is of prime importance. Anti-skid mats, grab rails and other safety features must be put in place in a child’s bathroom. These safety features can be added according to the décor theme. For instance, anti-skid mats for a Barbie themed bath can be pink in color while grab rails can have small dolls dangling from them and the hot water faucet ican be covered in pink toweling or vinyl to ensure easy identification.

Decorating and remodeling a child’s bathroom must be done keeping in mind aspects of safety, aesthetic appeal and budget. Do use the ideas and tips given above to create a child-friendly bathing area that is beautiful, safe and well within the budget. For more decorating ideas for children’s rooms, do read How to Organize a Kid’s Room, How to Organize a Baby Closet and Budget Redecorating Ideas for Any Room.