Keep Fruit Flies Out of Your Kitchen

Fruit flies are annoying pests. After living in a place which seems to have an extreme fruit fly problem, I realized that I do not have to fight the fruit fly battle if I prevent the invasion to begin with!

When taking the following precautions, I can usually eliminate having fruit flies in our home.

  1.  Wash all fresh fruit and vegetables. As you unload your groceries when coming from the store, wash your produce right away and discard bags or plastic which the produce was kept in. This way, if any fruit flies or their eggs traveled from the grocery store into your kitchen, you will eliminate them right away.
  2.  Store produce in the refrigerator. This way, if fruit flies come into the house from the yard they will not find produce to feed from. Fruit which you do not wish to keep in the fridge should be kept covered. Note: fruit flies like ketchup; clean up all ketchup mess, and keep ketchup in the fridge between uses.
  3.  Immediately clean up all produce after you use it. After cutting produce for a meal or snack and after meals, immediately clean up. Discard or put away any uneaten foods, and clean anywhere food has been (table, dishes, chair, floor.)
  4.  Bring trash out every day. Fruit flies like warm, moist places to live and to breed. Should a fruitfly find its way into your kitchen and into your trash/garbage, bringing the trash out will remove the pest before it can reproduce inside your home.
  5.  Use a clean dishrag. After each use of the dishrag or kitchen sponge, rinse it and put it to dry, at the end of the day, put your dishrag into the laundry. A dirty dishrag is another breeding spot for fruit flies.
  6.  Keep mop and bucket clean and dry. After mopping, always empty the bucket and rinse and squeeze the water from the mop-head. Place the mop in a place where it can dry as quickly as possible.