Important Home Kitchen Needs

Everyone calls me Mom. I got this name for a reason. Lots of kids have come through my house over the years. I have lectured them, listened to them, given advice to them, encouraged them and, of course, fed them. I have been told by many of them that their parents, (most have come from single family homes) never really cook meals for them because they never really had time for that. But myself, being a stay at home mom, always had time to cook a home cooked meal

I have learned to make quick easy recipes over the years and have learned to keep certain things on hand. You don't have to have a fancy well stocked pantry, but for quick and easy meals these items are a must.

1) table salt – this is needed for things like potatoes, french fries, vegetables and the such.

2) seasoning salt – used to flavor meat and sauces

3) black pepper – goes on almost everything

4) garlic powder – again, goes on almost everything

5) cream of mushroom soups – used for easy sauces and gravies

6) chili beans – chili and chili dogs

7) taco seasoning – chili, tacos, burritos, taco salads and other Mexican food

8) rice – side dishes, rice pudding

9) flour – used for thickening sauces, flouring meat and home made cookies

10) sugar

11) koolaid, tea or some other flavored drink

12) canned vegetables – everybody needs their veggies

13) canned fruits – less expensive than fresh

14) pudding mixes – easy to make and not very expensive

15) whipped cream – for topping puddings, fresh fruit and other sweets

16) cake and or cookie mixes – easy to make low cost sweet treats

17) grated cheese – toppings, sauces and some rice dishes

18) cans of diced tomatoes – used in chili, soups and the such

19) tomato sauce

20) french fries

21) potatoes – cheaper to make home fries and easy to pop in microwave for baked potatoes

22) ketchup, mustard, mayo or salad dressing

23) sandwich bread – sandwiches, garlic toast, bread pudding

24) cinnamon

25) noodles – spaghetti and egg noodles

26) macaroni and cheese – you can buy the cheapest of this and add a little yellow mustard to help the flavor or cream of mushroom soup and tuna for a quick meal

27) ramen noodles – cheap and almost every child will eat them

28) crackers – for soups, peanut butter and crackers, toppings on casseroles

29) peanut butter – sandwiches, crackers

30) graham cracker pie crust – so you can throw together a quick dessert if needed

31) Popsicles or icee pops – not expensive and most kids will accept if offered to them

32) canned or jarred spaghetti sauce – can quickly and easily be made with hamburger or other types of meat

33) tuna – used in meals, sandwiches or with crackers

34) snack crackers – eat plain, with cheese, tuna, or in soups

35) graham crackers – throw a little frosting between a couple of these and hand them to the kids for a quick little snack

36) frosting – for cakes, graham crackers (and sometimes right out of the container …lol)

I really hope this helps everyone. I know I always keep this stuff on hand and it has made my life a little easier.