How to Choose a Kitchen Food Mill

If you spend a significant amount of time preparing recipes and have a love of culinary gadgets, you might want to consider adding a kitchen food mill to your collection of cooking paraphernalia. A food mill has the versatility to do everything from mash potatoes to pureeing soft fruits and vegetables. Food mills are particularly effective for creating quick purees that are lighter in texture than those created by a food processor. Plus, it's sometimes easier and more efficient to assign the task of chopping or pureeing to a kitchen food mill rather than hauling out the food processor or blender. You can usually purchase a decent food mill for under thirty dollars although some models can run as high as several hundred dollars. If you're considering adding a kitchen food mill to your home, what should you look for?

Choose the right size.

If you don't routinely make large meals, you may entertain the idea of buying a kitchen mill with a smaller bowl size. This is probably not a good idea. If the bowl is too shallow, food can come out of the bowl while it's being used. Plus, if you have a larger amount of food to puree, you can do it in one job rather than having to refill the bowl repeatedly. Although you can buy smaller bowls, consider purchasing a three quart bowl for added efficiency.

Choose a model with interchangeable discs.

For added versatility, choose a kitchen food mill that comes with several interchangeable discs so you'll have the flexibility to perform a variety of operations. More discs means more versatility.

Choose a kitchen food mill with all metal construction.

Lower end models are sometimes made of plastic although you can generally get a mill constructed of aluminum for a reasonable price. Higher priced models are generally made of quality, stainless steel. If you can't afford the higher priced steel model, opt for the aluminum one instead of the less durable plastic model.

Quick assembly

Choose a kitchen food mill that's easy to assemble and take apart. It should also have a device on the bottom of the bowl for attaching it securely to a mixing or serving bowl so the food falls directly into the bowl during the milling process. Before purchasing, check to see if all pieces fit securely and the handle is easy to turn.

Although you may be able to get a better price online, when choosing a kitchen food mill, it may be best to visit a gourmet kitchen store first. Here, you may be able to get a better feel for how easy the model is to assemble and take apart. Ideally, you would be able to get an idea of how smoothly the apparatus works. If possible, try before you buy. Another way to get an idea of how well a particular model of kitchen food mill works is to read online reviews. A little focused research can help you choose the best quality model for the best price.

A kitchen food mill can make your life easier. It's a purchase you won't regret.