Cleaning Tips: How to Keep Your Bathroom Organized

This is one of the most difficult tasks that I face when it comes to house cleaning. The bathroom is used so often and therefore gets dirty and unorganized quickly. How can I keep my bathroom clean without spending hours cleaning and organizing? Below are a few tips I have learned through trial and error that get me through the week stress free.

Put your toiletries away every morning after you get dressed. This may seem a little tough at first, especially if you are running late. I keep all of my toiletries in a plastic box with a handle. I take each one out, use it and put it back. When I am finished, all I have to do is put the entire box under the bathroom. I do the same thing with my make up.

Line your trash with plastic bags. Keeping a liner in your trash cans can keep you from having to take the trash can and dump it. You simply take the plastic bag liner out and throw it all away. I use grocery store plastic bags. These are the ideal size for my bathroom trash can. If you want to be even more efficient, keep additional plastic bag liners in the bottom of the trash can soo you cna immediately put another one up.

Keep cleaning solutions under your bathroom sink for quick touch ups. This ideas is really great if you dread once a week deep cleanings as much as I do. Try to spray your bathroom sink and surrounding areas and clean with paper towels or a wash cloth for a quick clean up as you go. If you do this daily or every other day, you can avoid more time on a once a week deep cleaning.

Spray tile spray each time you finish your shower. After every shower, spray your shower stall with tile cleaner and then rinse with water. This will keep your shower stall clean without all the scrubbing. Maintaing this each day will eliminate the need for a long session of bathroom shower cleaning.

Do a light two-minute cleaning each day. This is in combination with the tip above. If your bathroom floor needs a quick sweeping then do it. If you notice the toilet needs to be wiped down do it when you notice it. Taking on smaller tasks like this daily can keep you from having to devote hours to it once a week. It also takes away the overwhelming nature of feeling like you have so much to do with cleaning the whole house. Use this task on other housecleaning duties and I guarantee you that you will feel so much better and less stressed about house cleaning.