Build Yourself a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can add just the right amount of work space to your kitchen. You can build it so that it moves and takes up less space, or so that it is a permanent fixture to your kitchen. Adding this furniture is a very easy project, and can be done relatively cheaply.
In order to create your own kitchen island, you will need:
5 sheets 4' x 8' plywood (4 if you are not adding cupboard doors)
6' section of counter top
6 – 1" x 2" x 8' pieces of strapping
1 – 4' x 8' piece of hardwood plywood (optional, for doors)
Hinges and knobs for each cupboard door
Wood glue
Finish nails
1.) Cut 4 pieces of plywood into 3 – 4' x 6' pieces, and 2 – 3' x 4' sections. Cut the strapping into 3 – 6' sections and 6 – 2' 11" sections.
2.) Nail the 6' strapping onto the 6' pieces of plywood. Do the same for the 3' sections of strapping and 3' pieces of plywood and 2'11' pieces of strapping.
3.) Paint the outside of the plywood whatever color would go best with your kitchen.
4.) Cut the hardwood piece of plywood into 2 – 4' x 2' pieces. These can be used as door in the front. Paint, and add the hinges and knobs according to the manufacturer's directions.
5.) Cut holes using a jigsaw or a router that are slightly smaller than your door. Add a 3 pieces of 4' strapping to the back to keep it supported, on either end and one in the middle, and use it to attach the face to the rest of the island. You should paint this piece as well.
6.) Attach the door faces.
7.) Lay the counter top of the island, and fasten it.
8.) Start using your new island!