All Natural Products from the Kitchen Create Amazingly Shiny Hair

What girl doesn't long for beautiful shiny, natural hair? The magic of television shows us young beautiful women with smooth natural shiny long hair on a regular basis. How do they get their hair so smooth, tangle free and shiny? Here are a few natural cures for dull hair.

Avocados are a great natural moisturizer. They really bring dull hair to life and give it a shiny natural glow. Shiny hair has never been so easy and natural looking. Just mash avocados and work into hair like a conditioner. I like to add a little olive oil to the avocados for extra shiny natural hair care.

Baking soda added to regular shampoo leaves hair quite shiny. The baking soda absorbs and removes dirt and shampoo build up that leave hair dull. Once clean of built up hair products, hair projects it's natural healthy glow.

Another build up remover for hair is apple cider vinegar. Use a few table spoons in a gallon of water. Rinse clean hair and leave in for about an hour. Now rinse out leaving nothing but clean healthy shiny beautiful hair.

In my home town many people swore by eggs and beer as a conditioning rinse for shiny natural hair results. Simply beat two eggs into a can of beer and use as a conditioner. Leave mixture in for 15 minutes then rinse for healthy natural shiny hair.

Tea helps keep color fresh and acts as a natural conditioner for shiny hair. For long hair, brew about 4 cups of tea. Let cool slightly and drench hair in tea. If using for color leave in for a day before rinsing. If using for shiny effect only the tea can be rinsed out after 15 minutes. This really does give hair a great natural shiny look.

Lemon juice is a natural product that can really shiny up that dull hair. To lighten hair apply lemon juice straight and go out in the sun. Otherwise mix ¼ cup lemon juice with a gallon of water as an astringent hair rinse. Lemon fights built up hair products and dirt to leave a clean natural shiny head of hair.

A natural shampoo that gives hair a shiny highlighted effect can be made from kitchen pantry and fridge products as well. Mix one egg, 2 tablespoons olive oil and two tablespoons lemon juice as a shampoo for natural shiny hair. Try cooled green tea as a final rinse for this one.

Shiny natural hair that lays well depends on split end removal. Hair should be trimmed at least once every three months for smooth shiny natural hair. I also recommend a once a month treatment with heated olive oil.

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